The Exchanges Are Open, But You Might Want To Wait!

The long-awaited coming of the ACA enrollment period is finally here! Now that we've gotten to this moment, all the angst, all of the planning, and all of the worry may simply melt away..... or all come back to haunt us.

The Core Strength Or Weakness - Technology

The immediate success or failure of the roll out of Obamacare rests solely on the ability of the technology to handle the complex cross checks of income and family information. It is quite possible that all of the systems function flawlessly, and also realistic to assume it won't. The best game plan at this point is probably to not jump the gun and let the first few days go by hoping that the first movers discover and iron out all the bugs. If you are looking for an affirmation and vote of confidence from the leaders in charge of implementing the health exchanges, you probably won't find it! Below is a quote from the head of the Nevada Health Exchange that suggests the following;

"Our message is, 'You are welcome to come on October 1 if that's what you want to do, but you might just want to wait,'" Jon Hager, the executive director of Nevada's insurance exchange, said in a telephone interview.

Given the powerfully supportive statement, I think it is best to follow his advice and give it a few days! In fact, we've been discuss this strategy with many of our clients and readers and our plan is to begin applying in earnest next week.

Go Slow And Ask Questions!

In our opinion you'll need help understanding the new plans AND probably more importantly, the new physician networks that are tied to those plans. Several of the insurance providers are resurrecting the HMO networks meaning that you need to understand that you cannot see a physician or specialist without the referral of your primary care physician. These HMO plans will offer cheaper options, but cheaper will mean less freedom.

Our quoting software should be up and running tomorrow, but call us and we'll be happy to discuss the options. As usual, we'll send you a quote in a format that is better than anything you get on the web that is easy to understand and allows you to make comparisons between insurance companies and plans. We send this plan format out ONLY to visitors and clients that contact us directly.

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Jason W Bohmann
Texas Health Design