One Step Closer To Final Decision

One More Court Case That Leads To The High Court

An 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments today regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare and its mandate that everyone be required to purchase health insurance. Please read the article from Alabama's

Wednesday, lawyers for both sides debated the merits of their positions. While the article states that the 3 judge panel seemed receptive to arguments on both sides, this is just a show. There is one step in many toward getting this in front of the US Supreme Court, which likely could be next. While there is a process here, I find it painfully slow and frankly a complete waste of everyone's time as we are aware that this decision will be laid at the feet of the 9 Justices. Without getting too political, I find it disturbing to know that despite outright disdain for the healthcare legislation on the part of the people, this mess continues against the will of the majority of the people. Now, the masses of the US populace must hold their breath and wring their hands praying that these judges agree with the nation over it's government.

There has been no date given for when we will expect a determination here. There are several other cases moving forward in Virginia along the same lines.

Jason W Bohmann
Texas Health Design