Not Loving Technology...

Catastrophic Failure

Thanks for your patience as we work on the blog. Unfortunately I am not as technologically gifted as I might think I am! In the last two weeks I attempted a Wordpress upgrade that killed the blog and essentially made it unfix-able and we needed to uninstall the entire blog.

We were able to save the content and upload them back, but the change did cause us to lose almost 200 registered followers of the blog. I am so sorry for the trouble and hope that you will continue to read and check back often as we are committed to posting more often and creating a dynamic place to share information and discuss changes in the insurance industry.

I am looking forward to the coming decision of the Supreme Court that will probably be made in the late part of the month of June. As we get details about their decision I will do a few posts to sort through the wreckage!

Jason W Bohmann
Texas Health Design