Hello Texas!

Hello Texas! This is our first post for the Texas Health Insurance Blog. Our intent in publishing this material is to provide information about health insurance in Texas. Obviously we desire to serve our friends, clients, and fellow citizens, but it is truly important to provide a resource to them where they can find real information about the changes to health care that are happening now and those that will occur in the next 4 years. Texas Health Design is a health insurance brokerage agency that serves the Texas market. It is clear to us that many Texans are misinformed about what health care reform means and how it will impact their family. There are wonderful provisions in the legislation that will help many families, although we are also sure that the cost of these laws and changes are not understood nor anticipated by the government, insurance companies, and most of all consumers and taxpayers. I look forward to having great discussions and providing helpful information that will benefit your businesses and families.


Jason W Bohmann
Owner – Texas Health Design