Health Care Deform? Texas Health Design On The Radio!

I was live on the radio today with Kevin Price on the CBS radio show "The Price of Business". Kevin's show focuses on small business and the drivers and challenges to making a successful company in today's environment. Kevin guided the conversation to health care reform and coined the phrase "Health care deform!"

I enjoyed being on the program and felt it was a great experience. I was a bit nervous and hopefully it isn't obvious, but I did get it under control later on in the segment and made a few important points about the ability of the system to accommodate all of the new entrants into the health care system and also the point I always come back to.... how the heck are we going to pay for it? Kevin's show is a great one, but if you'd like to fast forward to our discussion on health care please go to min 32:10 where the conversation begins.

Jason Bohmann on "The Price of Business"
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Jason W Bohmann
Texas Health Design