Are you searching for affordable health insurance or need answers to complex questions?  Trying to navigate the sea of bad choices?  Do you need an advisor that will be honest?  Contact Texas Health Design today to begin your search for individual, family, or business health insurance.

If you have a small business and have been told you cannot get a group plan, call us!  We write groups with only one participating employee and can also offer husband and wife only group plans.  We serve companies with as many as 300 employees.  Connect with us to find out more!

More insurance carriers will exit Texas market in 2018 and existing carriers like Blue Cross will terminate their current 2017 plans, replacing them with new options in the new year.  If you are impacted by Blue Cross' plan changes, Memorial Hermann or Cigna's exit, please don't navigate this alone.   Let us help you make sense of the ACA confusion.   We'll assist you with the complicated and cumbersome process to find the the most affordable plan and to help you apply in the easiest way.  If you'd like to look at options yourself, please click here to Get A Quote.

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Texas Health Design makes the confusing and complicated Affordable Care Act health plans easy to navigate and understand. Contact us today for assistance in examining your options, evaluating plan benefits, and obtaining financial assistance to pay for your 2017 health coverage.  Do you like to shop on your own, but need help getting a subsidy?  Use our marketplace link to check out plans, sign up, and obtain a subsidy - TexasHealthDesignMarketplace.


It is mandatory to have a qualified health insurance plan in 2018?  Unfortunately if you do not have qualified coverage you'll pay a penalty as high as 2.5% of your income if you don't have an ACA qualified plan?  Contact us today for a free health insurance quote!

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Texas Health Design is an independent health insurance broker that shops all of the major health insurance companies to find the best policy for your small business or family.  Group insurance plans for small firms are now much cheaper than individual plans and offer PPO networks!  Contact us today and we'll review the benefits of obtaining coverage through your small business.

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